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My work combines, parts, pieces and fragments into sculptural accumulations. The over-all forms I create exist as abstractions of the evidence of progressing society. This is an expression of a shared human experience, relevant to the present and bound by history.  Inventory of an ever developing psychological and physical landscape.  I therefore, focus on a mix of architectural ornament, exposed layers of earth, engineered forms, discarded byproduct and fragmented industrial parts.  I am fascinated by the simultaneous accumulation of both new and old which overlaps itself as decades pass.


Clay, and the ceramic process, allows me to make a permanent record of what filters into my daily experience.  A material which is both intimately connected to our humanity and can be made to take any form.  As a companion to society, it owns a historicity like almost non-other.  Mixing media with store bought, found, and re-purposed materials creates a context of the present.  Some physical connections among the parts are meant to seem temporary.


Further, these accumulations of visual information undermine a linear sense of recognition.  By attempting to create an appearance of constant dismantling and reorganizing, structure and improvisation, the familiar elements and shape relationships are continually overshadowed by uncertainty and ambiguity.  I’m inviting my viewer to build, re-examine, deconstruct, then rebuild their own conclusions.






University of Minnesota Department of Art Minneapolis, Minnesota

Master of Fine Arts, Ceramics   Minor, Art History


Northern Michigan University Department of Art and Design Marquette, Michigan Bachelor of Fine Arts, Ceramics


Teaching Experience


2012-Present   Gustavus Adolphus College, Saint Peter, Minnesota

Visiting Assistant Professor Department of Art and Art History

  • Beginning Ceramics-Handbuilding, Wheel Throwing
  • Advanced Ceramics-Handbuilding, Wheel Throwing
  • 2D/3D Studio Foundations
  • Lab Coordinator, Manage Schaefer Art Gallery, safety and effectiveness of studio classrooms, work study students


2013- 2016      University of Minnesota, Twin Cities

Lecturer –  Department of Art

  • Beginning Ceramics-Handbuilding, Wheel Throwing
  • Intermediate Handbuilding


2010    Minnesota State University, Moorhead, Minnesota

Sabbatical Replacement

  • Beginning Ceramics
  • Intermediate Technical Ceramics-Materials analysis, Mold making/Slip casting, and Kiln Firing Techniques


2008-2009       Archie Bray Foundation for the Ceramic Arts Helena, Montana

Community Class Instructor, Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced classes


2006    Graduate Ceramics Instructor University of Minnesota Department of Art Minneapolis, Minnesota


2005    Graduate Drawing Instructor University of Minnesota Department of Art Minneapolis, Minnesota


Professional Experience, Grants, Workshops


2019    Following the Evidence, Artist Talk/Panel Discussion in conjunction exhibition Signals and Echoes, Nicolas Darcourt, Visiting Assistant Professor in Art Gustavus Adolphus College, Lois Peterson, Professor Emerita in Art Gustavus Adolphus College, Thomas Lafaro, Professor of Mathematics Gustavus Adolphus College, Scot Bur Professor of Chemistry Gustavus Adolphus College, Topic – The intersection of Art and Science regarding process, creativity, and intuition


Minnesota State Arts Board Artist Initiative Grant

To create a body of ceramic sculptural work which expresses the accumulation of cultural iconography; using new plaster molds.  This work will be exhibited at the Carnegie Art Center in Mankato in Fall 2019.


2017    Demonstration Workshop as part of McKnight Artist Fellowship Grant Northern Clay Center Minneapolis, Minnesota


Looking and Learning, panel discussion with Kosmas Ballis, McKnight Artist in     Residence based on ceramic objects from participant’s personal collection,      Northern Clay Center Minneapolis, MN


2016    McKnight Artist Fellowship re-granted by the Northern Clay Center Artist Fellowship Program


2013    Guest Juror, Facilitator Minnesota Scholastic Art Awards, College of Visual Arts St. Paul, Minnesota


2011 – 2018    Minnesota Clay Plymouth, Minnesota

Part Time-Product and Materials Technician


2009,2008    Artist in Residence

The Archie Bray Foundation for the Ceramic Arts Helena, Montana


2009  Richard Notkin Ceramic Studio Artist, Helena, Montana

Studio Assistant


Myrna Loy Center for the Performing and Media Arts, Helena, Montana

Awarded “Artist Spotlight Grant”


Ceramic Demonstration Workshop Montana State University Bozeman, Montana


2008    Studio and Facilities Technician

The Archie Bray Foundation for the Ceramic Arts Helena, Montana


Workshop Assistant to Donovan Palmquist Kiln Building Workshop Archie Bray Foundation for the Ceramic Arts Helena, Montana

Ceramic Demonstration Workshop Trackside Studio Spokane, Washington


2006    International Snow Carving Symposium in conjunction with the Festival de Voyageur Winnipeg, Manitoba


Solo and Two Person Exhibitions


2019    Signals and Echoes, Two Person exhibition Nicoals Darcourt, Lois Peterson Carnegie Art Center, Mankato, Minnesota


Form Surface Pattern Repeat, Two-Person exhibition with Nicolas Darcourt, Joe Christensen, Concurrent Exhibition with NCECA Claytopia, Joe Christensen Studios Hopkins, Minnesota


2018    Progress and Lamentations Solo Exhibition, Phipps Center for the Arts

Hudson, Wisconsin


2017    McKnight Fellowship Exhibition Two Person Exhibition Nicolas Darcourt, Sheryl McRoberts Northern Clay Center Minneapolis, Minnesota


2015    Nicolas Darcourt, New Work Solo Exhibition, Waseca Art Center, Gallery L Waseca, Minnesota


Filtered Two Person Exhibition with Lois Peterson

Schaefer Art Gallery, Gustavus Adolphus College Saint Peter, Minnesota


2009    Harp Overt, Solo Exhibition, Myrna Loy Center for the Performing and Media Arts Helena, Montana


2008    Monument, Balance, Circumstance, Solo Exhibition University Center Gallery, The University of Montana Missoula, Montana


2007    Panoramic Fusion, Two Person Exhibition, work by Jonathan Bridges, Nicolas Darcourt Northern Clay Center Gallery A, Minneapolis, Minnesota


Group Exhibitions


2019    Form and Abstraction, Organized by Nicolas Darcourt, Work by five ceramic artists from the Upper Midwest Region who use Abstraction as a means to express content, Concurrent Exhibition with NCECA Claytopia, Schmidt Artist Lofts St. Paul, Minnesota


Object Lessons, invitational, University of Minnesota Department of Art Ceramics Lecturers Group Exhibition, Concurrent Exhibition with NCECA Claytopia, Regis Center for Art (West Gallery) Minneapolis, Minnesota


2018    Visions in Clay Juried by Beth Ann Gerstein LH Horton Jr. Gallery Stockton,         California “Shape Derivative Study III” Stoneware, Underglaze, Glaze, Twine,      Repurposed Crate Wood


2017    Open Door12 Juried by Andra Carlson, Rosalux Gallery Minneapolis, Minnesota

“Artifact/Artifice I” stoneware, nylon twine, brazilian crate wood, “Artifact/Artifice II” stoneware, nylon rope, brazilian crate wood, “Artifact/Artifice III” stoneware, nylon twine, brazilian crate wood


Beauty in Chaos Juried, Squirrel House Arts Minneapolis, Minnesota

“Due Papi” stoneware, underglaze, glaze


2016    Clay? VI Juried by University of Washington Ceramic Faculty, Kirkland Arts Center Kirkland, Washington “Artifact/Artifice I” stoneware, nylon twine, brazilian crate wood, “Artifact/Artifice II” stoneware, nylon rope, brazilian crate wood, “Artifact/Artifice III” stoneware, nylon twine, brazilian crate wood


Juried Ceramics Exhibition Juried by Robert Harrison, Regional Exhibition in conjunction with NCECA 2016, Mulvane Art Museum Topeka, Kansas “New Habits” stoneware, underglaze, glaze


2015    River to River Juried by Bede Clark, Regional Exhibition in conjunction with Ceramic Conference, Coe College, Cedar Rapids, Iowa “Anecdote(Antedote)” stoneware, underglaze, glaze, underglaze transfer, “Blue Gentian” stoneware, underglaze, glaze


Visions in Clay Juried by Lisa Reinertson LH Horton Jr. Gallery Stockton, California “Sarcasm etc…” stoneware, glaze, underglaze transfer


Abstraction in Action Juried Minnetonka Center for the Arts, Minnetonka, Minnesota “Anecdote(Antedote)” stoneware, underglaze, glaze, underglaze transfer


Aut Kem (pr) Out Come invitational, a collection of contemporary ceramic works created by a network of friends and colleagues in conjunction with NCECA 2015 Cellar Door Projects Providence, Rhode Island “Blue Gentian” stoneware, underglaze, glaze


Graphic Clay Juried, Baltimore Clay Works, Baltimore, Maryland

“Color Sample Series, Corinthian” ” stoneware, glaze, underglaze, underglaze transfer


2014    Minnetonka Center for the Arts 2014 Biennial Juried Regional Group Show, Minnetonka, Minnesota “Sarcasm, etc…”, “Capillary Scribble”, “Billboard Veritas”, “Corbelo”, “Soft Footed”, “Lever”, “Canter One”, “Pastoral”


Contemporary Ceramics International Biannual-Clay & Context Juried by Ray Chen, Swope Art Museum-Halcyon Art Gallery Terra Haute, Indiana “Part 26 A” stoneware, glaze, underglaze, underglaze pencil, underglaze transfer paper


2013    Our Earth II, Juried Flow Art Space, St. Paul, Minnesota “Pastoral” stoneware, slip, glaze

Adjunct Faculty Show, Invitational Univerisity of Minnosota, Regis Cener for Art “Billboard Veritas” stoneware, slip, underglaze, glaze


2012    4th Biennial Concordia Continental Ceramics Juried by Sarah Millfelt, Concordia University, St. Paul, Minnesota “Old Gin” stoneware, glaze, slip


Clay EVV Juried by Christyl Boger and Joseph Smith, The Arts Council of SW Indiana Evansville, Indiana “Corbelo” woodfired stoneware, slip, glaze “Soft Footed” woodfired stoneware, slip, ceramic ink stamps

Passages Pathways Portals Juried Flow Art Space, Minneapolis, Minnesota “Throat Clutch” stoneware, slip, glaze


2010    Red Heat: Contemporary Work in Clay, Juried by Adrian Arleo, Alexandre Hogue Gallery, University of Tulsa, Oklahoma “The Wide Open” stoneware, glaze “Ornamento” stoneware, glaze                     –Awarded Jurors Choice-


Jersey Shore Clay National, Juried by Mark Dean, m.t. burton gallery, Surf City, New Jersey, “Little Circus” wood fired stoneware, glaze

Soda Salt National V, Juried by Julia Galloway, The Clay Studio of Missoula, Montana “Wheel Barrow” salt fired stoneware, glaze, slips


Minnesota State University Moorhead Art Department Faculty Show, Hodo

Lounge Fargo, North Dakota “DeCornate” stoneware, glaze


Foot in the Door, Survey of Minnesota Artists, Minneapolis Institute of the Arts Minneapolis, Minnesota “Hand Study V” white earthenware, stains, glaze

2009    Archie Bray at the Kolva Sullivan Gallery, Kolva Sullivan Gallery “Shifted I”, “Shifted II” Spokane, Washington

2008    Archie Bray Residents Present and Past, Galaxie Gallery, Chicago Illinois “Proclivity Assignment (shifting)” terra cotta, glaze, stains


2007    2007 Jingdezhen International Contemporary Ceramic Exhibition

organized through Pottery Workshop, Jingdezhen, P.R. China  “Horse and Rider”, “Horse and Rider II”, “Horse and Rider III” stoneware, glaze


2006    Below the 49th Parallel, Invitational, The Label Gallery Winnipeg, Manitoba “Ever Forward” terra cotta, glaze, concrete

Global Unity, in affiliation with Minneapolis Mosaic, Minneapolis, Minnesota “8-Sided Triumph” terra cotta, glaze, concrete

North American Graduate Art Survey, Nash Gallery, University of Minnesota Minneapolis “Temper Tantrum” terra cotta, concreate, glaze “Vigilant Id” terra cotta, concrete


Clay Bodies by Student Bodies, Hillstrom Museum of Art Saint Peter, Minnesota “Anonymous Gestures” terra cotta, glaze, concrete “Stacked” terra cotta, glaze, concrete


2005    Marge Brown Kalodner Graduate Student Exhibition, The Clay Studio Philadelphia, Pennsylvania “Time Series III” stoneware ceramic, “My Drunken Id” terra cotta, glaze

2005    Beyond Borders, Off Beat Gallery Minneapolis, Minnesota “Please Remove your Shoes” unfired terra cotta, mixed media installation


2004    Fresh At Soapbox, No Name Exhibitions Soap Box Factory Minneapolis, Minnesota “Pompous Poodle” stoneware


College Bowl 1, The Northern Clay Center Minneapolis, Minnesota “Point of View” stoneware


2003    It’s Only Clay, Bemidji Community Arts Council Bemidji, Minnesota

“Potpourri Jars-set of three” stoneware


Celebrating the Figure, Lansing Art Gallery Lansing, Michigan “Kara’s Constellation” ceramics




2017    Ceramics Monthly  November  Issue “Clay Culture, Minneapolis-St. Paul City Guide”  article compiling venues and resources of ceramics and the arts by Nicolas Darcourt


2015    Sun Sailor “Abstraction in Action at Minnetonka Center for the Arts” Photo and Caption of Ceramic Sculpture by Nicolas Darcourt as part of exhibition, April 27


2009    Ceramics Monthly  “Harp Overt” featured in Upfront Exhibitions and Reviews by Nicolas Darcourt volume 9 issue 4 pp. 22


2008    Ceramics Monthly Gallery Guide “Inverted Dandies circa 1908” white earthenware, glaze, stains” volume 56 issue 8 pp.74


2007    2007 China Jingdezhen International Contemporary Ceramic Exhibition “Horse and Rider II” white earthenware, glaze published catalog accompanying exhibition p. 151


2006    Ceramics Monthly “Clay Bodies by Student Bodies” by Donald Myers and Lois Peterson November issue pp. 35-37


Works in Private Collection

Midge and Jerry Golner, Phoenix, Arizona “Reclined Slide II” terra cotta, glaze, stains 15″h 2008

Jon and Paulette Satre, Helena, Montana “Reclined Slide I” terra cotta, glaze, stains 17”h 2008

Richard Bater, Spokane,Washington “Proclivity Assignment”  terra cotta, glaze, stains 13”h 2008






























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