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February 2015 “Filtered” Two Person Exhibition
Schaefer Gallery, Gustavus Adolphus College
St. Peter, Minnesota

“In the Quixotic Mood” Stoneware, Glaze, Wood, Paint 8’hx8’w 2015

“In the Quixotic Mood” 2nd view

“Anecdote(Antedote)” Stoneware, Underglaze, Glaze, Underglaze Transfer 20”hx23”wx9”d 2015

“Blue Gentian” Stoneware, Underglaze, Glaze 18”hx22”wx8”d 2015

Gallery View


April-May 2009 “Harp Overt”, Solo Exhibition
Myrna Loy Center for the Performing and Media Arts 15 North Ewing Street Helena, Montana 59601

“Sustained Pitch” stoneware, slips, stains 20hx15wx9d 2009

“Rodinite Harp” stoneware, slips, stain 41hx14wx12d 2009

“Intermission” stoneware, slips, stains 18hx10wx10d 2009

“Untitled Harp I” stoneware, slips, stains, 20hx8wx8d 2009

“Untitled Harp II” stoneware, slips, stains 20hx8wx6d 2009

gallery view


May 2008 “Monument, Balance, Circumstance” Solo Exhibition
University Center Gallery The University of Montana
Missoula, Montana 59812

“Inside-Outside Objets” mixed media 76″hx300″wx7″d 2008

“Inside-Outside Objets” 2nd view

“Inside-Outside Objets” 3rd view

“Elevated Tripod” stoneware, slips, stains 47hx36wx15d 2008

“Untitled” stoneware, stains 15″hx65″wx9″d 2008

gallery view

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